the kindness of time:   A one hour audio play to put you in a cheerful frame of mind whilst you wrap those parcels, peel those chestnuts, travel on trains, wash the dishes or simply sink into the sofa when the jobs are done and dusted.   We offer you a Christmas treat. A heartwarming story, glorious music, an intriguing set of characters, and a chance to celebrate life and love, as you remember the pleasure of listening to a kindly story and joyful singing.  Join Ben Ellison - as he travels across a snowy Europe to meet and direct an outstanding choir, and exceptional actors, in a brand new show for a World Peace festival. Witness his inner journey of love and loss. Smile as bizarre circumstances, beyond his control, and beyond his wildest dreams, lead him to where he needs to go, and to what he needs to discover to be truly happy.  Delicious food for thought - a luxurious feast for the ears - a listening experience to banish those midwinter blues. index